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Say goodbye to wasteful plastic cling wrap that always leaves a sticky residue on our bowls' edges. Try our reusable food covers! You will save money while making good for the planet.

Keep food fresh for longer: These reusable stretch lids are made to provide you with an easy and convenient way to prolong the freshness of your food and hygienically store leftover fruit, juices or any other kind of food.

These multi-use lids come in 6 different sizes, making meal clean-up quick and easy. Grab your set today for a sustainable and convenient way to store food or liquids.

Each pack contains 6 stretchable silicone lids that lock in the freshness of your food until you are ready to use it again!


  • Food grade Silicone: these reusable lids are made using eco-friendly food-grade silicone that’s both sturdy, flexible, and completely safe to use.
  • BPA-Free, non-toxic 100% safe and healthy, harmless to human body.
  • Safe in Microwave and Freezer: Can handle high and low temperatures making these ideal for everyday use: Max operating temperature of 230 ℃ / Min operating temperature -40 ℃
  • Safe in Dishwasher: It can be washed under running water or washed in a dishwasher.
  • Transparent: convenient to see the contents inside. The lids are see-thru and clear in color for easy viewing of what is in which bowl in fridge and freezer. Easy for you to find the vegetables or tastes you're looking for, no time wasted on guess work.
  • Fit every shape: The stretch lids fit every bowl, glassware, jar, food can, watermelon (round, square, odd-shaped), cantaloupe or other fruits and vegetables.
  • No more leaks or spills: covers create an airtight seal that makes sure anything you put inside stays securely inside. It keeps the aroma of your meals locked inside while eliminating the risk of spills or leaks making these perfect for on the go use as well.


  • 6 piece/set silicone
  • lids diameter: 6.5cm/25.6 inch  , 9.5cm/ 37.4 inch , 11.5cm/ 45.3 inch , 14.5cm/57 inch , 16.5cm/ 65 inch , 21cm/8.26 inch

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