Knowing the Value Proposition

I believe that nothing is casual or a coincidence. And the fact is that it seems that now it is time to share with others everything I’ve learnt during the past years.

As you have read in the presentation (Our Story), this is a familiar project, and here I want to share you which is Our Value Proposition and how did we arrive to it. Not a coincidence at all!!


First of all, which is Our value proposition? Ok, here it is!

We provide you easy ways to improve your holistic wellbeing with products that help you to harmonize mind, body and soul.


And what does it mean?

This project is connected with our own dreams, beliefs, purposes that we can summarize in:  To learn, give practical solutions and contribute by sharing always with an open-minded and curious attitude.  These ‘whys’ are behind everything we decide in Holistik Bloom. 

  1. We are always learning because we love it!

We see ourselves always learning. That is a goal itself that make us feel good. We believe that being always learning allow us to evolve.

In my case I’ve been always interested in my personal growth, and how to improve my wellbeing using different ways to achieve it. My sisters’ reasons are a bit different: she is looking for new ways to do something better in general and learning different solutions to feel better in particular.


  1. We offer you Practical solutions

During my whole life, lot of people have come to ask me about how to manage their emotions, for example. I guess that my answers are practical enough to allow them to repeat the same to solve their problems with good results.

I enjoy learning, and sharing my practical knowledge as we don’t need huge changes to feel better. As an example, if you want to calm your mind is too effective to start breathing, putting your attention on this action, and only in this action. That’s it.

Speaking about my sisters’ reasons, I must say that she is very practical. I don’t know what came first: her interest in design (which can be define as a mixture of art and function) or her interest in practical solutions, but both interests always go together and as a result she is able to find witty, funny and above all, simple solutions that make you feel better just seeing them :)


  1. We want to contribute by sharing our experiences.

There is no doubt that is inherent to both of us that we want to share what we have learnt. That make us feel good, useful, and graceful to our masters, teachers, and so on.

And for sure, it may help others, who are looking for simple or easy ways to improve their lives.


  1. Both have a curious and open-minded attitude.


In summary, we believe that feeling good is for everyone and that health and wellness is not going to be a luxury going forward, is going to be a necessity.

We believe that this necessity could be covered easily with products that help you to harmonize your body, mind and soul.

Do you want to join us in this wellbeing journey?

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