Everything You Need to Know [A Review] about Holistik Bloom Zenmask, the most comfortable Bluetooth Headphones for side sleepers.

If you feel like your sleep quality is not what you need to go through the next day successfully.

If you feel like it is time to invest on your wellbeing.

if you feel like listening to music or nature sounds would help, but don't like uncomfortable headphones digging into your ears...

You will be more than happy to hear that there is a solution on the market that could help with all of this: Holistik Bloom Zenmask!

This sleep mask with headphones, allow you to listen to music, podcasts, or other sounds wearing headphones while sleeping without needing to use big and bulky headsets. 

That’s why they're the best bluetooth earplugs for sleeping in, listening to guided meditations, or any other activity where fixed and slim headphones are needed.

But, do you know how to choose the best one for you?

In this article we are going to analyze 2 variants of this super comfortable and useful solution. Hopefully you will take the best decision for your wellbeing and healthy sleep.


Index Content:

Everything You Need to Know [A Review] about Holistik Bloom Zenmask Headband Headphones:

  1. How many options are there?
  2. Zenmask under examination:
2.1 Fabric – Is the fabric comfortable?
2.2 Usability – How does the sleeping mask connect with my mobile?
2.3 Sound – what about the sound quality?
2.4 Volume – is it safe to sleep with headphones on?
2.5 Design – what’s the best for my sleeping position?
2.6 Getting Them On – Will it fit me?
2.7 Warmth 
2.8 Eye Protection - Eye Contours for better Sleep
2.9. Blocking Noise. Cancelling light – Does it block them out?
2.10. Sleeping mask with headphones: Best Gift ever
  1. Conclusion



1.   How many options are there?

If you are considering to buy a sleep mask with headphones, here are some pieces of advice that hopefully will help you to choose.


There are different variants of this product. As Zenmask and Zenmask Comfort Plus, are pretty much demanded than the other ones existing in the market, we are going to focus our analysis on them.

zenmask sleeping mask with headphones        zenmask comfort plus holistik bloom sleeping mask with headphones


2.   Zenmask under examination:

Pros and cons of the Holistik Bloom Zenmask wireless headphones for bed.


2.1.      Fabric – Is the fabric comfortable?

When it comes to the fabric, Zenmask Comfort Plus padding, is constructed from memory foam, with a smooth, cool-breathing cotton-polyester inner lining.

It has a unique 3D hollowed design around the eyes, and as a result, this model could become more comfortable if you are looking for a Zenmask perfectly adjusted to the contour of your face, nose and/or eyes.

The fabric in both cases allow the mask to be soft, foldable, and portable. You can carry it anywhere.


2.2.      Usability – How does the sleeping mask connect with my mobile?

From my experience, it is important to follow the steps. It is very simple to plug in and pair it with the phone or other devices by Bluetooth, but first, it has to be fully charged. Then, take it out the cable and follow the instructions below.


How to connect your sleeping mask with your mobile phone by Bluetooth:

  1. Charge the battery first:

Long Press the middle button to ensure the Zenmask is charged. If the LED light indicator is red or has no light, you need to charge it with the USB cable and connect it to a USB port or charger. During charge, the LED indicator will be Red, and it will turn out Blue when the product is fully charged.


Now you can start with the process to connect it with your favorite device.

  1. Hold the Play button until the light starts blinking.
  2. Turn on the Bluetooth option on your phone.
  3. Go to the Bluetooth settings on your phone and find “BT-03S” or “BT-Music” or “BT-01”.
  4. Select the Device to pair it with your ZenMask until you see it as “connected”.
  5. You will hear Zenmask voice status “connected “.
  6. Now you can play your music and enjoy! 😊


2.3 Sound – what about the sound quality?

Zenmask do not incorporate the sound quality of superior listening devices, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised of it.

For the price and the quality, this sleep band headphones might exceed your expectations. 

They are absolutely great for casual listeners …which is what they were designed for.


2.4 Volume – is it safe to sleep with headphones on?

Despite I felt that the volume level of the Zenmask met my needs adequately, there are some downsides to keep in mind while using earplugs every night.

By comparing Holistik Bloom Zenmask with other traditional headphones, it could be lower volume output than traditional headphones or earbuds. It might depend on how adjusted is the headband to your head. The tighter the fitter. The fitter the louder (volume).

What I find the best is that volume control buttons enable to handle previous/next song without having to use my phone as they are wireless Bluetooth earphones.


2.5 Design – What are the best earbuds for side sleepers? 

If you are a side sleeper, in my opinion, Zenmask Comfort Plus will fit best than the basic Zenmask. 

if you tend to lay on your side when sleeping, you will find the foam is not only to protect the eyes. It is also surrounding the volume control making it much more adjustable and softly to your face and ears, avoiding any pain because of the speakers.


2.6 Getting Them On – Will it fit me?  

Considering their design, Zenmask and Zenmask Comfort Plus are slightly different. However, I find that there will be no problem for people that has a medium/large or huge head to wear them comfortably. 

On the other hand, I have to admit that maybe adults or kids with small size heads will be in trouble with the headphones as it should not be tight enough as they need and the speakers will not be in the accurate position to enjoy it.

I wouldn’t say the design must be re-think. I feel like simply standard things don’t fit people sized like that.


2.7 Warmth

ZenMask is made with breathable, cooling fabrics that help to stay cool all night.

They are made of 95 % cotton and 5% Polyester. 

When wearing the Zenmask I didn’t have a problem with the headband feeling warm, but there could be different feelings when wearing them. 

I guess that if being too warm is a concern maybe Zenmask Bluetooth headband headphones would be the best option for you. As far as Zenmak Comfort Plus, is literally adjusted to the face contour, it could become warmer than expected.



2.8 Eye Protection - Eye Contours for better Sleep

As we mentioned in first paragraph about fabric, both products allow to wear the sleep mask without any direct contact or pressure on your eyelids.

This is important because REM cycle won’t be interrupted.

Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep phase, is when your brain gets repaired and renewed. During this phase, your eyes experience rapid movements in random directions.

As headband earphones are designed for sleeping, they do not to press against your eyes, this process will not be interrupted but enhanced, allowing a better sleep.


2.9. Blocking Noise. Cancelling light – Does it block them out?

Everybody knows that light has an impact on us regulating our biorhythms, which determine when we wake up or the time to sleep.

As we are surrounded by artificial light and noises everywhere, going to sleep in calm, has become a luxury.

In this context, Zenmask appears to be a very good solution, as it helps to reduce noises and it 100% block the light.

You can continue learning here link to Article 1 about how Zenmask can help you with this matter as a noise cancelling headband for snoring.


2.10. Sleeping mask with headphones: Best Gift ever

Finally, if you are looking for a useful gift for your loved ones, this is an option to consider. 

As far as I know, many boyfriends and girlfriends are really glad of having receive the sleeping mask with headphones as a gift.

I guess if it has to do with the better sense of humor after having a repairing nap 😊 with this top wireless earphones.



 Wellbeing matters.

 This wireless sleep headphones, helps us to improve our quality life when sleeping and getting relaxed avoiding the main problems when falling asleep: noise and light. 

At the same time, you can use it to listen to your favorite podcasts, ASMR audios, or audiobooks focusing on them, enjoying even more. 

Only for this, I would give it a chance. Your body, mind and soul will thank you. 😊

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