Holistik Bloom: Our Story

I'd like to share with you how it all started and why not, to introduce ourselves. Holistik Bloom is made up of my sister Cristina and I, Susana.

Knowing the elder sister, Susan
I (the elder sister) studied Psychology and have always had a genuine interest in people in general and in personal development in particular.

I am curious by nature and that has led me along my life to investigate and specially to experience many things related to Psychology and wellbeing.

These are examples of what I have tried with the aim of improving, growing and getting to know myself more and better: Aromatherapy, chromotherapy, reiki, crystal healing; sacred geometry, Bach flowers, macrobiotic cooking; Eneagram, Human Design, Medicinal Herbs, Iridiology, Sound Healing; Biodecoding, biomagntism; Akhassic records, Hypnosis; Regressive Therapy, Meditation, Yoga, Healing Affirmations; Kolstov plates to restructure the water, and others I'll tell you in the future 😊

Before creating Holistik Bloom I had already launched another business, an HR Consulting firm and, after selling services, I said to myself that, if one day I started again, it would be to sell physical products. Something tangible.


Discovering Cristina

On the other hand, there's my sister, Cristina. She's always had a gift for design. She also shares with me her interest in the beauty of objects and how simply they can make us feel good by their mixture of art and functionality.

She is also interested in learning different ways to take care of herself in a holistic way and how to apply them for her own wellbeing. Besides, she has a curious attitude to the world and she is like a trendhunter, always searching and looking for new ideas to apply.


Cambodia, meeting point of our dreams

We had always said half joking half seriously, that one day we would set up a company together! And it was in March 2019 on a travel we made to Cambodia, when we discussed it more seriously. We were both at the perfect life time and felt we needed to shape our dreams.

It was from this moment that we started working on the idea and shaping what we wanted our contribution to be for both us and others.

We realized that we like products that, with a funny or different touch, generate wellbeing simply by seeing them.


In addition, we want to accompany these products with practical and useful information based on our own experiences, so that you decide if it is aligned with you, resonates and you want to enjoy it and experience it as well.

And Holistik Bloom was born! If you want to know a little better what our vision and value proposition is, I invite you to read this post where I detail it with love. 


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